Pilates after Childbirth

The process of growing a baby and giving birth can wreck havoc on a woman’s body. Besides the obvious of lower back pain, rib pain, and stretch marks, the damage can be extensive.

Post birth, the separation of the linear alba (Rectus Abdominus muscle) is evident in nearly all women. This will happen during the pregnancy third semester. This is not a result of birth. It happens pre-birth.

A vaginal delivery will cause different scars than a caesarian birth.

Pregnancy can cause bladder neck injury pre-birth. This is not always due to vaginal delivery. Many mothers believe a caesarian saves them from many of the bladder related problems after birth.

In every single case, a mother should be taught pure pilates.

As a physiotherapist, I see many women  post birth with chronic pain due to poor recovery post birth.

I teach women how to assess their separation and how to fix it. I teach sensible habits to use when handling their baby. I educate women on bladder and pelvic floor function.

The very first information though is Pure Pilates. The women I see I pregnancy I advise to come in before their 6 week doctor check. It is imperative to start training the abdominals immediate post birth. A women has to carry and look after their baby immediately. I know this is a hard task on a weak body. I find it difficult to understand being told not to exercise until after 6 weeks.

I teach mothers how to attend to the rehab of their body as part of their life.

By starting the rehab process immediately, a mother will return to maximum fitness so much earlier.

I have produced a DVD program teaching Pure Pilates. This is relevant to new mothers. In this DVD you can follow along at your own pace and learn how to find, initiate, test and train your TVA muscles. By learning this program and following up with an appointment with your own physiotherapist, a new mother has the best recovery program.

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